Friday, February 7, 2014

Working Cash Register Educational Toy from LakeShore Learning *Review

 Lakeshore Learning has been a long time favorite for my children. They  make quality products that teach, yet entertain at the same time.  The kids have so much fun, that they don't feel like they are 'doing school' when we utilize the educational products from Lakeshore Learning.

We recently reviewed the Real Working Cash Register which disappeared out of my site as soon as the box arrived. The kids must have played for a few hours with the cash register. They created a pet store to play with first. The real looking money allows the kids to really give change back and be accurate in their math skills. The front of the cash register works as a real calculator. No plastic, chunky money with this machine! This is geared for ages 3-9. My 11 year old enjoyed it just as much as his younger siblings however so I think you can easily keep them educated and entertained through age 12.

The machine is solar powered for the calculator portion, no worries about leaving it left on. Learn to add, subtract, multiply and divide while playing a variety of shopping games. The ideas to play range from a grocery store, movie theater, pet shop, carnival and more. Give your kids this cash register and you will be surprised at the ideas they come up with!
I have been known to borrow it for the calculator portion as well. The kids play with this daily, and their skills are increasing at figuring out costs along with making tags for their sale items, and using writing skills to inventory their stock. Just one devise like this can lead them into a whole new world of adventure.

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