Wednesday, February 19, 2014

The Divine Pine by Tracy M. Novembre *Review

When people give freely from their hearts with a sincere approach, the universe always seems to give back.
In her new children’s book “The Divine Pine,” author Tracy M. Novembre refocuses the holiday season on learning to appreciate the simple things by acting with compassion.
“There is an enchanted transformation that occurs in the story, which encourages the observer to always take a second glance at what seems to appear ordinary in nature,” Novembre said.
Memorable rhymes tell the story of a human character and her animal friends who together see a positive transformation during a time of crisis.

Rather than focusing on the grandeur of the season, “The Divine Pine” focuses on the beauty in the everyday.
My Thoughts
We can always use a nice Christmas story, especially in the winter when we are still seeing the white stuff flying. 
The Divine Pin, told in rhyme, shares the story of the main character RayRay wanting to go out to get a Christmas tree but having a blizzard delay her shopping. She sees a pine in her own yard and decides that will have to do. As she considers the pine tree, a family of Blue Jays asks for refuge in the tree which she grants. Next the raccoon family needs shelter from the upcoming storm. Additional animals come to whether the storm in the huge pine. RayRay brings out nuts, popcorn and berries to share with the critters. As the storm passes, the divine pine is transformed into a gorgeous natural tree. 
The focus didn't need to be on having the perfect tree, as the perfect one was right in front of her house.


About the Author
Tracy M. Novembre holds a bachelor’s degree in English from Rutgers University and is certified and licensed in paralegal studies, therapeutic massage and nutrition. Her love for animals and nature inspired her to write a story that delivers positive messages and valuable lessons to children. She currently resides in Colts Neck, N.J. with her family and many rescue animals

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