Thursday, February 20, 2014

Talking Anya Dress-Up & Pet Puppies app *Review

Anya is your cute little playful, talkative & singing friend on the iPhone and iPad from Sprite Labs. Talk to her and she will copy you, tickle her and you will make her happy, beware her laughter is contagious :) This app is really fun for young preschool girls to play!

PLAY with her, POP the bubbles she blows and make her do the Hula Hoop, move the phone in circles in the air and she will twirl the hoop as long as you move the phone.

Anya wants you to play all of the time, if you don't play with her, it makes her sad :(She even sends me an iphone message if we haven't played with her that day. 

You can shrink Anya and put her into the camera screen and take pictures with her. You can even use fun frames to go around the photo

Talking Anya is the only 3D Dress Up Doll with Pets in the App Store. You can change her hair style, dress and her eye color. Anya can sing and dance too. Kids can play games with her and her pet puppies. The puppies for Anya have to be purchased. I wish there were some free ones to get the kids started with.  She can be dressed up as a fairy, bee, princess, lady bug, cinderella, santa and Rudolph. She has her own winter wear with boots!! She can be tickled too.

Parents can purchase the puppies pack, additional dresses and eye colors, and more. There are parental controls so that the child can't just buy them without your knowledge. There is a math equation that needs to be answered and then connected to your account.
Some of the in app purchases are:

  1. Unlock Everything $6.99
  2. Hula Hoop, 3 Dresses, ABC Song & Heart Animation $2.99
  3. 5 Puppies $1.99
  4. 11 Dresses $1.99
  5. Christmas Update $1.99
  6. Witch Animation, Dress and Scene $1.99
  7. Winter Dresses/Hats/Boots Pack $1.99
  8. 10 Cup Cakes $0.99
  9. Catch the Flower Game $0.99
  10. Unlimited Cup Cakes $2.99

Anya is cute, and a fun app for the little ones! You can get this free app on itunes HERE

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