Thursday, February 20, 2014

Mini Monet Creative Studio *Review

 The key features of the iPad app are :
1. Unbounded Creativity -- A new creative drawing challenge pops up in the App every Friday. The Lite version allows users to submit to 10 challenges
2. It has a unique Magic Pencil, when kids draw with the magic pencil, it keeps brush strokes, marker and paint bucket from spilling out. For instance if a child draws the sun with the magic pencil ( a closed circle ) and then uses a brush tool to color it inside, the brush color will not spill out of the circle. This helps kids draw neatly.
3. Art Club - Kids can browse and view the work of other little artists. In the Lite version kids can only browse, in the Full Version they can share their work too.
4. Rewards - Kids get coins for coloring, sharing and appreciating others work. With the coins they can unlock more pages to color!

There are weekly drawing challenges as well. Such a cute way for preschoolers to get creative.
This is a LITE version of the app and has 20 free activities ( Creative Drawing Challenges, Coloring Pages, Symmetry Drawings and more ) and the rest can be obtained in the Premium version of the app.

 Mini Monet has been designed with love for kids aged 6-8, it is a creative environment for kids to explore art. Making art simulates the right hemisphere of the brain. By stimulating and exercising the right hemisphere of the brain, the arts strengthen the connection between the hemispheres, thus achieving the full potential of the mind.

At age six kids are transitioning from coloring pages to drawing on their own, Mini Monet helps bridge this gap, It has coloring pages for the six year olds and blank pages for the older creative kids, who can capture their ideas on these pages. Mini Monet is also the only app that has symmetry pages, which reinforce the concept of symmetry.

The Art Club is a safe environment for them to share their work and be inspired by what other little artists create. Being a parent myself, we take children's privacy very seriously. All art submissions are anonymous to safeguard the child's identity.

App designed by Sprite Kids

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