Thursday, February 27, 2014

Jabra Mono Bluetooth Headset *Review

One of my biggest safety concerns is people talking and texting on cell phones while driving. Myth Busters show even proved that is it more unsafe to be talking on the phone than to be extremely tired. That scares me!
I was thrilled to help keep my husband safe by reviewing the Jabra Classic Bluetooth Mono Headset.

The Jabra is the perfect fit! It has comfortable eargels and you can wear it with or without the ear hook. You can use it to stream music or make a call. It connects with any bluetooth devise.

Key benefits

  • Simple, traditional design with three color options
  • On/off slider for intuitive handling 
  • Voice guidance – tells you how to pair your device, your battery- and connection status
  • Wear it all day with the earhook or ergonomically-designed Eargels™
  • HD voice* for better sound experience
  • ƒPower Nap - battery saving mode
  • Wireless streaming of your favorite multimedia – GPS, music & podcasts (A2DP enabled devices)
  • Up to 9 hours talk time and up to 9 days standby time

You can even talk on the phone and juggle at the same time!!

Love the app to help you find the Jabra if you set it down somewhere. Believe me, that would be a very helpful app if I were using it. It is so small and so powerful that it would be easy to forget where you last used it.

The Jabra is very helpful for the work place too, especially if you are an engineer like my husband. His hands always seem occupied, or he is into something where he wouldn't want to grab his phone. Jabra has freed up his hands to be able to multi-task much more than he used to be able to. 

Be sure to check out tons of other products from Jabra including headsets, speakers, and in car speakerphones.

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