Tuesday, February 18, 2014

It's Ok!! Everybody's Different by Paula Gelbach *Review

 This book celebrates uniqueness by teaching children the importance of anit-bullying, friendship and originality. 

It includes three stories in one collection. The story of the hippopotamus, The Purple Bottomus, discusses self-esteem and having pride in one's distinct physical traits. 
This story starts out with the Hippo being proud of her purple bottomus (or buttocks). Interesting concept as all of the animals have them, and the animals go through the pages telling why their bottomus is special to them. Not sure I would have picked this end of the animal to describe and take pride in, but kids seem to find it comical. 
Some animals included were zebra, monkey, giraffe, and skunk. Unique for sure. 

Frightened Jack, the yellow jacket tackles the subject of of bullying and teaches children to look beyond negative behaviors to establish love and acceptance. Jack has to deal with Mr. Big Bully Yellow Jacket not wanting him to hang around with his friends. I love how his friend Penelope suggests that Jack talk to him mom about possible solutions. Great suggestion for kids when they are dealing with bullying as well. The story takes one suggestion of choosing other friends and waiting it out for the old friends to get sick of the bully.

The last story Teacher Katie is about a first grade polar bear that fears school because she struggles with perfecting her assignments. Katie is telling in reflection. She is now a teacher, looking back on when she was afraid as a student. Katie was a good teacher who looked at each individual student and found their strengths. Of the three stories this one was my favorite. 

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