Saturday, February 8, 2014

Bee Rescued 100% Natural Bee Propolis Skin Care Products *Review

Bee Rescued is a family owned company out of Wisconsin, that specializes in using Bee propolis in it's personal care products.
What is Propolis?

"Propolis is a substance made by the honeybee. It is a sticky, resinous substance that is used by the bee to both sterilize the inside of the colony and to act as a glue to help hold the structural components of the colony together. This amazing substance has been used medicinally for literally thousands of years, the first recorded instance of such prescription being the great philosopher Plato of whom it is written, prescribed this substance "for ulcers, both internal and external". Today, much research is being conducted on propolis by the global scientific community. Scientists in India are researching the healing affects of Propolis on oral wounds and dental carries while their counterparts in Europe test and examine the use of Propolis on burn and wound care. In every place where Propolis is being put to the test, it is producing astonishing results, results that the ancients were well acquainted with."

Not only does Bee Rescue make these wonderfully healing products, they also raise their own honey bees to get the propolis from.

Their products are 100% pure and natural. I was so excited to receive a collection of products to review on my blog. 

The Bee Rescued Shave Gel would work wonderful if you didn't have a shower washing it off. Best used in a bathtub, as it is slippery to work with. It was nice and smooth, and made shaving so much smoother.

Bee Rescued Hand Lotion is a blend of Shea butter, beeswax, propolis and essential oils. It is a very smooth, lightly scented hand lotion that is very moisturizing. You need only a small amount to thoroughly moisturize your hands.

The Bee Rescued Moisturizing Cream is a nice thick cream that meets the needs of those with sensitive skin. This cream is used on your face and neck and is a very rich cream. Again you need very little to achieve a moisturizing affect.

Probably one of my favorite products from Bee Rescued was the Rescue Balm. This product is so versitile in that it will moisturize your lips, dry cracked skin, and even works well for minor scrapes and scratches. This is your catch all cream for a variety of first aid ailments.
I absolutely loved the products from Bee Rescued

I highly recommend the Propolis Care Package to get your started on your 100% natural skin care changes!

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