Thursday, February 20, 2014

Advice for Parents and Students Looking for Student Housing *Ad

Parents are inclined to worry when their teenagers suddenly have to live independently. Are they ever truly ready? Going to university or college is a big event. Finding the right housing is important. Students who are always worrying about safety or spend a lot of time traveling back and forth between their apartment and school will be distracted. That will affect their grades. When you are accepted to Murray State University, consider housing like the Campus Evolution Villages. It will be much easier to study when you can enjoy a stylish apartment with a private bedroom. What else should you investigate before applying for a place?


The distance between the school and apartment should be manageable even for students without private transportation. Not everyone has a car or a friend with a vehicle willing to spend hours on the road to accommodate your needs. Maintaining a car is expensive, especially when gas prices are steadily increasing. Therefore, living in walking distance of your school is much more efficient. Verify that parking is free if you have a car at your disposal.

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Sharing a room with another student is not always convenient. Your activities are limited if you want to respect your roommate’s privacy and lifestyle. You cannot make a lot of noise either when he or she is studying. Going to the library or study hall occasionally can relieve that stress. Higher education is not completed in a couple of semesters. Will this solution still be convenient next year? Why not look forward to your own private room with lots of space? You could even bring in a treadmill or stationary bike. Exercise and nutritional meals keep the mind sharp.


Having a private bathroom and in-house Internet access are real luxuries for students. However, they should not be the extent of privileges and amenities. A healthy lifestyle consists of sports and leisure activities, and having a social life. Consider student housing like Campus Evolution Villages. Suitable facilities have residence life programs, a resort-style pool, a club house, a picnic area with BBQ stations, and a lounge where students can go to unwind with friends. The youngsters should also have access to a well-equipped fitness center and various courts to play sports in their free time.

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