Saturday, February 8, 2014

6 Week #Health Update

If you recall, my word for the year was #Health. I haven't had a chance to update for a few weeks, so really needed to!

The Key areas I was working with in Health were;
Spiritual Growth
Educational Knowledge

Updating is for my benefit probably  more than my readers. It helps me to see how far in some areas I have come, and others that need attention.
In the way of Body health I am doing well. I have lost 14 pounds and many inches. I feel much more energetic and healthy. It makes me laugh out loud when my sweatpants or pajama bottoms won't stay up! What a huge blessing Trim Healthy Mama has been. The learning curve is finally settling in and I don't have to spend so much time finding recipes and figuring out a menu. I am planning a weekly menu for myself and tweeking it and adding side dishes for the kids.

Spiritual Growth has taken a nose dive, and this is a great time to get back on track. I was doing well with it first thing in the morning, and I somehow got off track of that. I want to continue in my writing of Acts and reading through chronologically.

Educational Knowledge we are doing pretty well. We watched the debate with Ken Ham and Bill Nye and were able to incorporate that into our school day. The older kids are humming along and self motivated and that is very encouraging to me. I will be adding a new student next week, my 5th grade niece. She is coming out of the public school system. We won't start until mid week, but I need to get a feel for where she is and what she needs as far as curriculum. It will be a challenge and will challenge my ability to be consistent.

Organizational wise we are doing great. My brother and his daughter are moving in with us, so we have had to make room and declutter some. We redid my daughters room, paint and bunk beds. We are keeping the house in order and things are going great in that way.

Blogging I haven't had the time I would like. I am still getting some reviews done and giveaways. Working on reviewing some Curriculum through The Old Schoolhouse which really helps grow our educational knowledge. We are working on reviewing a language system called Mango right now.
The blog still isn't 'deep' but we shall see where the next month takes us!

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