Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Stunner of the Month Sunglasses Subscription *Review

Stunner of the Month club gives you a new pair of sunglasses every month for just $9. Gets stunned out and make a fashion statement each month with a new pair of shades!
I am not fussy about my sunglasses really, as long as they take care of the glare of the sun, I enjoy wearing unique shades and seeing the reaction of people. Check out my first pair from Stunner of the Month..

Cat lady shades, which works perfect for me and my mirage of cats! My kids laughed at my shades and seeing their funny expressions is so worth wearing them. Reminds me of my husband's aunt in her high school years, and having glasses just like this. I tell you that they are coming back in style!

Stunners are the perfect gift for your teens! Imagine getting a new pair of classy shades each month, your kids would love you forever!
The $9 per month includes shipping, which is truly a fantastic price for these fashionista shades!
Be sure to check out Stunner of the Month for your upcoming birthdays, Valentines Day, Graduation.. and more!

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