Saturday, January 4, 2014

Saturday's Check on HEALTH #word2014

 My word for 2014 was Health (read my previous post HERE).

My first week on Trim Healthy Mama I didn't write down what I was eating everyday. This week (my week starts on Friday's) I decided to start a journal to see what my meals were each day. The Trim Healthy Mama plan has a learning curve and this way if my weight stalls I can see what I may have been doing incorrectly.
So I am journaling my food and eating some wonderful foods like

 Salmon, baked sweet potato and broccoli

Fat Stripping Frappa from the Trim Healthy Mama book
I started Trim Healthy Mama on December 27th. One week later, down 4 pounds!

Spiritual Health wise I gathered all of my Bible tools in one place to read, write and hear the Word of God. 
I started in the Journible with my NKJV bible writing the word of Acts.

I have been in my chronological Bible for awhile now, and just decided to keep on keeping on. I am currently in Song of Solomon

 Organizational wise, hubby finished a huge project for me in making a gorgeous cupboard for my quilting room (homeschool, office, craft, room). This is going to really help me get some of the things in totes an in the closet that have yet to be unpacked in the 2 years we have lived here!
He even used cedar wood for the cupboard doors from our farm in Ohio, which was really special to me.

The kids thought it was a great place to play petshop~

Next week watch for pictures of more progress.
In the educationa health front I haven't done much yet. Not ready to be done with Christmas break. Guess I will have to kick it in tomorrow!

Blessing for a wonderful weekend

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