Saturday, January 11, 2014

Rock Flower Paper Carry All Tote *Review

Rock Flower Paper is a beautiful store based out of San Francisco, geared toward bringing beautiful products to us. Their products are inspired by their travels to grand places like the South of France, India and Istanbul. They bring a design quality that is unique and outstanding!
They have a beautiful collection of hand bags and totes, including this Carry All Tote, which truly can carry it all!
This tote comes in 16 designs and each one is breathtaking! I was so excited to to review Fleur De Lis Cayenne and it has captured attention while I carry it.

Made of 100% cotton canvas with a biodegradeable water resistant lining. The bag measures 17" by 13.5" by 6.5"and has 2 deep pockets. I use the inside pocket for my phone and money when I go to the basketball games. This carry all holds my book, bleacher seat, snacks and more!

This is probably one of the biggest, solid bags I have used and it is fantastic! This carryall would work great for a library bag, overnight carry all, a workout bag and so much more. How about a bag for carrying a bunch of cats!

Gives you an idea how large it is with 2 cats inside and room to add!
Rock Flower Paper carries beautiful decorations for your home like coasters, kitchen towels, napkins and place mats. They have a great selection of accessories for your wardrobe as well including tunics, scarves, and bags and totes galore! Their selection truly is outstanding and original. This is one of my very favorite bags and it will be getting a lot of use.
What would you expect a bag like this to cost? A great quality, beautiful, large tote like this?
It sells for only $36 which I think is really a great price.
By far one of my very favorite tote bags!

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