Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Ringing in 2014 #word2014

I have never been big on New Year's Resolutions, I find that each new month tends toward new Monthly goals unless time is speeding by too fast and I don't notice the change of the calendar.
This year many people are choosing a word to symbolize their goals for the year. My word is going to be
Healthy in Body, Spiritual Growth, Educational Knowledge, Organization
I think that covers just about everything!
I think for our healthy body there comes that age, or weight, or lack of energy in each person that motivates them to make a change. For me the time is now. 41 years old, last baby is 6, time for some more energy, some more movability to keep up with the kids.
Body: Hubby and I  have started Trim Healthy Mama (& Daddy). I was so motivated that I worked on the plan for 5 days prior to my book even coming. I ordered all of the special ingredients I needed from Amazon, Swanson and other places. Here is a glimpse of some of my supplies
Got all of these in above photo from Aldi

These were my Walmart finds


Even Big Lots carried a few products I could use.
I will be sure to post more later on the things I ordered online so in case anyone is considering starting this life style of eating.

Spiritual Growth: I have really been wanting to start Writing the Word. I have a book from Journibles for Acts. Planning to start that this month and see how writing the Word in addition to reading and listening to it will help grow me spiritually. Really setting the goal to daily immerse all of my senses in the Word and to watch how the Lord uses that to grow me and affect my  ministry to my family. 

Educational Knowledge: As I continue to home educate my children there is definitely a need for me to grow more healthy in our education. Weeding through the false teachings as well as helping the kids to find things of interest for them to increase their knowledge in healthy ways. The world seems to be going more and more the way of technology and I long for my kids to continue on the path of the good ole farm kids route, learning about their environment, nature, the things around them that emphasize God's goodness and creation.
Organizational: My word for the school year was Consistency, and I need to get back to that. Consistency in organizing our school days, our new food plan, our chore chart, our exercise, our daily calendar.
Blogging: I want to keep my blog healthy in 2014. I want to include more self written posts, rather than just reviews and giveaways. Whether anyone reads them or not, I think it will help me grow as a writer and you may be able to glean a morsel or two from it.
I want to continue offering my readers reviews and giveaways because there are some seriously awesome companies out there just waiting to be found! Plus it is fun for me and my readers. Book reviews and curriculum are definitely at the top of my list for keeping the blog healthy. I am hoping to join in various themed blog posts as well to keep the blog progressing and interesting.
Here is to a Healthy and God filled New Year!

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