Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Rest Not in Peace by Mel Starr *Review

 Sir Hugh, Baliff and Surgeon, has got to be one of my very favorite fictional characters. He continues to make me laugh out loud when reading these books! His dry wit, and humor is wonderful, especially in the situations he finds himself in. Again he is having to solve a murder. What looks like Sir Henry possibly dying from a heart attack, leaves Sir Hugh puzzled, but not for long. Sir Henry's eyes are open..Research and deduction find the cause of death, but who killed Sir Henry while he was visiting (for three months) with Lord Gilbert?

Sir Henry's wife insists he died from the lettuce seeds that Sir Hugh gave him as a sleeping aid, which is proposterous, and Sir Hugh proves it.

This is the 6th book in the series, each can easily stand alone as a great story. The story does continue though with Sir Hugh's wife and family and I like catching up with what they are doing as well. This is one of those series that I look forward to the next book!

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