Thursday, January 2, 2014

Mighty Bright Timer LED Light *Review

I am a big reader, and one of the times I can finally get some peace and quiet to read is when everyone else is sleeping. That makes it a little difficult to read in bed while the lights are all off. The Mighty Bright light has been a God send!

This Timer LED light is the perfect solution for reading at night, and in addition to it being a great light, it also has a timer in 15 minute intervals. I do on occasion fall asleep when reading. I can tell when it is going to happen and I can just push a button to make sure my light goes off in 15 mins to an hour from that time.

The LED light is just the amount of light I needed to read my book. It isn't overly bright at all. The clip on one end easily hooks directly to my book, or on to the headboard of the bed. This light weight tool is a must for all book lovers!

Mighty Bright sells LED lights for everyday life!
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1 comment:

  1. Love the fun colors and convenience. It's a perfect size for reading in bed. My grandson loves to read in bed and this would be a fun help to him.