Sunday, January 5, 2014

Finding God in Tough Timed Devotions for Tween Girls *Review

90 Devotions for real girls facing real life

Kristi Holl

New from Zonderkidz, Kristi Holl former elementary teacher and mother of three girls, understands the pressures that tweens face. This devotional targeted toward tweens deals with issues like perr pressure, dealing with new things, addictions, step-families and more. The book is geared toward 8-12 year old girls and is in the FaithGirlz collection.

Each devotion begins with a key scripture. It then has a few paragraphs of a story of a girl who is struggling and is led to find God in that situation. Things like Josie’s Mom having cancer, Maddy’s Dad losing his job, Joy having a troubled heart. I think there is a wide enough selection that there will be devotions that speak directly to each girl who reads. Some may not speak directly as the situation is unique, but the tween may have a friend or know someone going through that situation that they can share God through that. 

After the story is a More to Explore section that includes an additional scripture to emphasize the story. There is a prayer to help the tween connect with God. A journal prompt follows to get your tween writing down her own thoughts and things learned from the story. There is then an action step, something to do or think more closely about in relation to the story. 
Finally there is a “Real Girl Confession” with a quote on the subject. 

The devotions flow very easily, and they are relevant to tweens today, especially those in school. Some of the subjects may not arise as much for homeschoolers simply because they are not around so many friends who may struggle with some of the issues. I think it is still valuable for our homeschool tweens to understand what other young ladies are going through.
You can order the book through Amazon and help your Tween find God in the tough times.


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