Saturday, January 11, 2014

E is for Elephants with Babar

 Babar to Duet or Not to Duet
We are blogging through the Alphabet with my 6 year old, utilizing the Five in a Row curriculum and books. This week was E is for Elephants and Babar worked perfect in this setting!

There are dozens of Babar books and movies available to watch for fun. We learned in Duet or Not to Duet the value of telling the truth and not trying to be better than everyone else. We enjoyed the lesson that young Babar learned. lapbook on Elephants was a very well done lapbook. We used my kindle to search out the various answers to the questions and learned alot about this majestic beast!

Incredible Creatures the Defy Evolution II
Is a wonderful creation based DVD series that shares a variety of animals and discusses in easy to understand language.. why they defy evolution. The second one in the series discussed Elephants.

The lapbooks really do help to tie it all together for us! Mav enjoys cutting and pasting and the older kids help him to write out the answers. Youtube has been great at showing us videos on elephants and even having the opportunity to see baby elephants.

Next week F is for Ferdinand the Bull!

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