Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Day 3 Homeschooling Essentials

Number #3 Homeschool Essential

Honestly this post was going to be about something else, and I was going to do Flexibility later in the week, but it just seemed more fitting to put it here, on our first snow day of the year!

One of the essentials in our homeschool is to be flexible. I have got to roll with the changes that can come through out our day and weekly schedule. My husband typically works days, but there will be weeks at a time where he has to work on a special project at work and is on night. Like when Dad randomly decides it would be a great time to make sausage!

For me the time spent with Dad is more important than school. I don't hire him as a substitute teacher, we just call off school some of those times when Dad wants to spend time with us.

We also are involved in basketball and there is times when we have games in the  middle of the day.

There were always things on our farm that changed our schedule as well. Harvesting hay and corn would interrupt our week and we would have a Corn Harvest vacation.

I can't get overwhelmed with the changes in schedule, as they will happen. They do happen, often.
To keep my head and wits about me, I need to be flexible!

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