Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Day 2 Homeschooling Essentials *Giveaway

5 Days of Homeschooling Essentials

Yesterday I shared my #1 Homeschooling Essential.. My personal Relationship with Jesus.
Today I want to bring the kids into the fold and include my #2 Homeschooling Essential

My children's personal relationship with Jesus. 

In essential number 1 I learn to model to the kids how to cultivate and sustain a relationship with their creator. I seek to model the reading of the word and prayer so that they learn the most valuable lesson in our homeschool.. that Jesus wants a personal relationship with them. 

So how do we help lead our children to Christ and get them to stay plugged in to Him and his word?

Provide resources for them. Availability to bibles, devotions, biblical stories are all going to aid them in this relationship. There are numerous sites online to seek out different versions and they don't have to be solely in book form. I happen to be a book lover, and as a blogger I tend to review many kid friendly resources. 

We have a variety of Bibles in various versions. I am not solely focused on the kids reading a specific version of the Bible because while they are young and just beginning readers, they may connect more with a NIrV version, or another type that really helps them understand without being bogged down in language they aren't quite ready for.
 My youngest enjoys a bible app that tells him the stories of Jesus, as well as short videos and the actual bible on CD.

Make devotionals available for the kids. Keep a variety of actual devotions as well as notebooks with prayer starters. If finances don't allow you to have a stock pile of books, don't despair. There are many online sources for working through devotions and journaling prompts to work with all age groups. I like to have them choose a devotion each year to work on in addition to their Bible reading. I also like to strategically place devotionals around the house.

In addition to devotions, I love to have Bible Stories for the younger kids. These give them an opportunity to learn about the great stories of the bible at a level they can understand and listen to. We use these quite often for reading before bed, or as a mid afternoon 'snack'.

Praise and Worship music is on at least 50% of our day. Whether it be one of the awesome radio stations we have, or the endless amount of streaming music and itunes songs. We keep up with the latest music for the kids, to not be 'old foggey' type of parents. Besides, I enjoy the newest songs. We choose to be very limiting in the music we listen to besides Christian music. What comes in their ears is going to affect their thoughts and we guard against the attacks of the enemy by keeping our minds on Christ.

My 17 year old plays the guitar beautifully and he has committed to play Christian music on it. His repertoire of songs is growing, and he is able to play in the youth band at church as well as lead us on the rare occasion when we have to stay home for church.

Prayer is another form of worship that we can model for the kids. When a crisis comes up, or even something minor we can model that the first thing we do is pray about it. We aren't afraid to pray in public, on the phone, with neighbors and I know that impacts the kids. My 11 year old is always willing to pray in groups for the meal and other needs. I so love that he isn't afraid or shy to share his words with the Lord.

 Someone captured this sweet picture of my 11 year old, who was about 9 at the time. A sleep over at church and during a time of prayer and worship he spend some personal time with his savior.

 I find that the kids relationship with Jesus is essential for our homeschool to run effectively. When their focus is on Christ, rather than fretting over math, or being concerned that they aren't a good enough writer, they are better able to tap into the gifts that God has given them.

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  1. Love this. We have a variety of different Bibles here as well - and my kids love the YouVersion for Kids Bible app too. We've been doing a Hobbit devotional each day with my son & he's really enjoying it. Great post!

  2. We read different Bible stories, talk about God in their life and our lives, and pray. It's important to get your children to realize that God is everywhere and listens. He wants us to pray and think about Him.
    Sherry Compton