Monday, January 20, 2014

Day 1 of Homeschool Essentials

I really brainstormed what I wanted to share with the Essentials of Homeschooling. I wanted to think outside of the box, and not just give you a list of great curriculum, or supplies you need to 'do school'. Instead I hope to inspire and encourage you that anyone can homeschool if they take in to account these 5 essentials. Regardless of your own education level, financial security, number of children you have, or experience; my 5 essentials are items you can easily have at your fingertips!

The next 5 days I will share with you the 5 key essentials that I have over the last 18 years, found to be the most important for homeschooling. 

# 1 and truly the most important for me is

My Personal Relationship with Jesus Christ

The key to my having patience, endurance, forgiveness, and understanding for my children is my time with Jesus. I need to focus my home schooling venture soley on Him. If I can put my relationship with Jesus before anything else, He will direct our home school. 
How do I cultivate that relationship?

I make sure that I spend time daily in the word. I have just recently found that the more senses I utilize in the Word, the more I retain. I will read the Word each morning. I am currently reading the Bible in a Year, though I didn't get it done the first year, so I am on reading the Bible in 2 year plan!
Things happen and I don't always get every single sentence of the day read. The amount isn't what is important.. it is the diving into the Word. 

Another sense I have been trying to daily utilize is hearing. My husband has started reading to me in the morning before he goes to work. There is a 50/50 chance that I am awake to hear what he is reading, but I am still hearing it! I also have an app on my kindle YouVersion that you can listen to the Bible. I have been utilizing that app to hear from the Old Testament. I also have some audio cd's with the Bible as well. Filling up my mind with the Word of truth. 

The third way I have recently started delving into the Word is through writing it. Not note taking, but actually rewriting the Word of God. I am working in Acts right now with a great book from Journibles. This book gives me just the right amount of lines to copy directly from my own Bible. You can write in any version you choose, I have decided to use the NKJV as it is what my pastor uses and usually my go to Bible. This has been a great experience for me to slow down in my reading. I tend to read fast and in doing so sometimes miss things. When I am writing the Word I am reading it outloud to myself as I write, and it causes me to really read each and every word. There have been several Wow moments already with finding new things that I have not realized were there. Going slowly like this is giving the Holy Spirit the opportunity to speak to me and minister to me through the Word. Another exciting thing is that a couple of my kids have seen me writing the word and it is creating an interest in them to do the same.

Throughout the day I talk with Jesus. It is great to read His Word, and listen to it, and write it.. but I know He wants to hear from me as well. The relationship goes both directions and I desire time with Him. With 6 kids, that doesn't always look like what you envision prayer time to be like. I sometimes will only get 5 minutes with my eyes closed in prayer before something interrupts. I can easily continue my conversation, my praise to God while I do household chores, go on a walk, take a shower. I find myself naturally choosing to take those quiet moments to have conversation with my creator. It hasn't always been that way, but with time and practice it comes much more naturally. We have to get creative in finding our time. He doesn't mind if I am matching socks while talking rather than with my head bowed and hands folded. He knows the season of our life and I personally find it much more rewarding to be in constant fellowship throughout the day. 

The relationship I have with Jesus allows me to be an effective mother and homeschool teacher. I find my strength in him. The day can get tough, it isn't easy knowing whether we are teaching the right curriculum, if the kids are 'getting it', if we are on track. It is so easy to fall in the trap of comparing ourselves to other teachers and homeschoolers. The strengthened relationship with Christ allows us to focus on Him, rather than others around us.

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  1. Thanks for this wonderful encouragement. This is definitely an absolute essentials and it tends to be set aside for a lot of other things. Love the reminder

  2. I love this! You are SO right! I don't know what our homeschool would be without my relationship with Him! I like the idea of writing out the verses, too. I follow a One-Year Plan every year on YouVersion, but it's been a long time since I actually wrote out verses (except for the kids' Bible work). Thanks for the idea!