Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Chats on the Farmhouse Porch

Everyday Ruralty

We are going to sit around the kitchen table to chat this morning. I took the dog out and it is in the single digits. Our coffee would freeze out there! What are you drinking this morning? I have my Seattle Best coffee with just a titch of half and half and stevia.. trying to skinny my coffee up with my new eating plan.

  1. Have you tried any DIY cleaning products or skin care products from the many recipes on the internet?
I actually make my own laundry detergent. I use Fels Naptha, Washing Soda and Borox to make it. It works great for your basic laundry needs and is so cost effective.

2. Do you like to enter sweepstakes, giveaways, or prize drawings?
I don't enter any of the sweepstakes like Publishers Clearing House. Being a blogger I do participate in giveaways with other blogs. I enter those I think would be fun if I could win. I have won on occasion. It also helps my fellow bloggers get more traffic when there are other bloggers entering their giveaways.

3. How often do you visit your local library? Do you have a local library?
 We do have a local library. We have one in our town, and both the towns to the north and south of us. We have visited all three of them. We have quite our own personal collection of books, so we really don't have to go to the library that often. I would say maybe once ever 2 months. We need to go today actually to find some Hippo books. It all depends on what we are working on with school. A majority of the books we get are related to the unit study we are using for the week. Some of the older kids do get books for fun reading as well. We have an excellent library!

4. Do you have a simple mobile phone or one that does lots of things?
2 weeks ago I would have had to say a simple phone. I finally switched phone companies which allowed me to get a free iphone so I went with that. I love that I have more flexibility, especially it is easier for texting.

5. Tell me something new or interesting. Please:)
I am just starting my second month of a new diet with Trim Healthy Mama. I am feeling great, losing weight and inches. It is a super eating plan and I don't feel at all like I am 'dieting'. Even hubby is on board and has lost 15 pounds in the 1st month. I lost 8, how is it men lose so much faster!

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  1. Don't you just hate it that men can lose weight faster? My husband is the same way. I think it has to do with men having more muscles than women. But, you both are doing very well. That's excellent progress!

    I love my iPhone! I can't imagine not having one. :)

  2. I read something the other day that said women have approximately 10% more body fat than men to start with. Maybe that's why the men get the head start on losing weight. No fair, eh?

    Congratulations on the progress that the two of you are making!

    Have a great week. :)

  3. I find it so hard to lose weight...I just have to look at a cookie and put on 2 lbs...so well done on losing 8lb
    Thank you for sharing your answers
    Phoebe x

  4. Congrats on your weight loss. I even lost 5 pounds while cruising before Christmas because we did so much walking and dancing. Now trying to keep it off.

  5. Melanie, I enjoyed visiting here today. You make the second person I have heard mention about the Trim Healthy Mama approach to losing weight. I need to seriously look this plan over! Thanks for sharing about your experience with it.

  6. I don't think it's fair that men lose weight faster then women. :P I like blog giveaways too.

  7. I started using just baking soda to brush my teeth 7 years ago. I have Lyme disease and it caused me to became allergic to lots of foods, ingredients, gluten, etc.--including ingredients in all toothpastes I had been using or tried. I truly thank God I was able to use baking soda without a problem.

    At the same time, we also started cleaning all windows, glass and mirrors with vinegar and water in a 1/3 vinegar to 2/3 filtered water. Everything shines without the chemicals. We bought some empty squirt bottles, and always have at least one bottle of glass cleaner made up in one of those bottles.
    We also use baking soda as a scouring powder to clean kitchen and bathroom sinks, tubs and showers. Even more chemical cleansers and perfumes have been removed from our environment. The baking soda and vinegar are also much cheaper than the items we used before.

    We clean all the windows, glass and even eye glasses with my husband's old white t-shirts that have been cut up. They are nice and soft from being worn and washed many times and don't have lint. We cut them to convenient sizes and wash them after use. We keep stacks of these under the bathroom sinks, and convenient places for cleaning eye glasses.

    We have a local library that is only a few blocks from us. I used to go all the time, but the Lyme disease has caused me to lose mobility. I hated it a number of years ago when our library threw out all the card catalogs and computerized everything. Now it is a blessing for me. Because everything is computerized, I can request library books, movies, music, etc., on-line, and my dear husband is willing to pick them up for me. We request stuff inter-library loan all the time. One of our family members is at the library at least once a week.

    I LOVE entering blog contests, it is so exciting if I win something and get a package in the mail!