Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Baby Butz Cream *Review

 Baby Butz Cream is an amazing cream that is completely natural!
  • No Alcohol
  • No chemicals
  • No perfumes
  • No parabens
  • Gluten Free
Baby Butz Cream is the safest baby diaper rash cream on the marked today without a prescription. Moderate diaper rashes are healed within 6 hours.
Baby Butz cream is being used on preemies in NICU wards, it is that gentle!
Not only is Baby Butz great for diaper rash, it is also showing amazing results with topical skin irritations including eczema.

Other popular diaper rash ointments contain harmful fragrances and chemicals that seem to cause additional irritation to an already hard situation for a little one.

Baby Butz cream is thick! This cream will be long lasting and helpful for you and your baby. I also love that is is unscented. My baby doesn't have to smell like he has diaper rash cream on, not with this natural product.
I highly recommend this cream for all Mom's to be and Mom's struggling with finding the perfect answer to their child's diaper rash. This cream is being handed out in sample form from pediatritions, a product that they can trust.

Check out where you can purchase Baby Butz HERE, including online orders. Canadians will be able to find this at local retailers more readily.

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Be watching for a Giveaway of Baby Butz 2 oz in the New Year New Baby Giveaway beginning January 8th HERE.

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  1. I would love to try this product out. I tend to buy the night time name brand product with all my kids because they need a strong product to provide relief over night.

  2. I bought one of the name brand products and noticed that one of the ingredients in there is the same as my athlete's foot cream. Really? My mother said she used tiger balm back in the 70s but that did not work for me either.

  3. I learned that the Baby Butz Cream contains
    No Alcohol
    No chemicals
    No perfumes
    No parabens
    Gluten Free

  4. oh wow, thanks for the review . i am excited to find something iwht 4th baby that is gluten free and super gentle@@

  5. I love that this is all-natural. We're expecting our first baby in a few months and will need to buy chemical-free baby products. Thanks for your review!

    Angela Rhodes Ingles
    nofearpapertiger AT Gmail dot com

  6. I'm new to parenthood but love products that elimitate un-needed chemicals!