Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Zymbol Inspirational Jewelry *Review & Giveaway

Zymbol is a design that includes every letter of the alphabet hidden in plain site. It is the ultimate doodle! You can physically trace your own message using any letter of the alphabet to inspire your friends and family through this unique piece of jewelry.
See this video below for history behind the Zymbol sensation!

What phrase or words come to mind when you see this unique Zymbol? With the Christmas season among us I have used my Large Pewter Pendant necklace to trace Jesus, Christmas and Peace. I love tracing new words and thoughts throughout the day. I can trace the names of the kids as I pray for them throughout the day. I can trace inspirational words for myself as a reminder. It is very fun to trace letters and to find new words as you look at it. My young children love it too, and it works great for them learning to spell new words!

I absolutely love Sally's story on how the Zymbol started with a doodle to write Love is All U Need.
What an inspiration, because truly if you have love.. there isn't much else needed is there?

This family owned business shares the love of Zymbol with Giving Back one for one. With each Zymbol necklace that is purchased, they give one to a child in the hospital. Spreading the hope to others through a symbol of love.

You can purchase Zymbol jewelry in pendents, bracelets and earrings. It is also available for men.  The Zymbol makes a wonderful gift this holiday season for anyone on your list!

You can enter to win a Zymbol Pendant 
US Only
Ends Dec 21

Zymbol is on QVC Sprouts and up for a vote. Be sure to stop by and vote for Zymbol and give this company a chance to grow.

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The sponsor can not guarantee shipment in time for Christmas. Please allow up to 6 weeks for

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  1. I like the Women's Large Sterling Silver Pendant with Amethyst to say
    Hope, Health, and Love
    Sherry Compton

  2. My favorite is the Brown Leather and Turquoise Sterling Bracelet. I'd like the first word to represent my name.

  3. http://www.zymbol.net/womens-pink-acrylic-pendant/

    I think FUN when I see this

  4. the mens leather wrap bracelet! i would love to give that to my husband for his birthday.

  5. Women's Large Sterling Silver Pendant with Garnet, family would be the word

  6. I like the Wood Earrings. I think the word I would choose is mindful.