Tuesday, December 3, 2013

XPLODERZ Face Off *Review #giftguide

XPLODERZ give the younger kids an opportunity to play like the 'Big Guys; without all of the pain! My older boys love to play paintball, and their welts have surely discouraged me from letting my younger boys play the game. It is intuitive for boys to want to play with guns, and though I think there is a place and time for it, guns like XPLODERZ give them the opportunity to play with a cyber style toy, without hurting themselves or others.
The XPLODERZ come with a revolutionary H2Grow Technology for ammo.Made from 99% water, this style of ammo gives them more range than foam, but without the pain of paintballs.

 All of these features above really make this a wonderful product for kids of all ages. The Ammo can be purchased separately as well when you run out, which they will! They have so much fun playing that it is like any need for ammo, it runs out. We will be stocking up on more Ammo for stocking stuffers.

My younger ones tend to play games like Star Trek, or Stargate Atlantis with the XPLODERZ guns. Their space or techno age style give them the look of something out of this world.
The gun is sturdy and easy to use, even for my 6 year old. Shoot further, faster and with more ammo than foam style guns.

This is just one of the sets that XPLODERZ has. They also  have a Sneak Attack, Retaliator, and Close Range Blasters. These products are super fun for boys and girls! My daughter can even get in on the action because the ammo 'doesn't hurt'
Be sure to check out their products at your local stores this holiday season!
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