Wednesday, December 11, 2013

WeBe Bags~ H'Oat Couture *Review #giftguide

WeBe Bags was founded in 2003 when Tara McCann was on a sailing adventure with her infant son. She saw women sewing flour sacks and sail ties together to make bags, while siting below a palm frond, and her idea for WeBe Bags was born. See this video for the rest of the story..

As you saw in the video, WeBe bags has had some great success working with artists like 50  Cent,  and Josh Groban as well as being the official bag for the Cannes Film Festival!

This eco friendly company designs beautiful, unique bags from upcycled coffee, feed and rice sacks.

I actually have loved the idea of taking coffee bean sacks and creating a purse, or backpack with it. I bought the coffee sacks about 3 years ago... but that is as far as I got!

The WeBe Bags Coffee Collection is stunning! I love coffee, and to be able to wear a bit of the coffee journey is so fun. The care and detail in this bag is top notch! The seamstress is gifted in working with a variety of fabrics from the faux leather back and straps to the cotton interior and of course the coffee sack. Working with different fabric thickness and properties can be difficult, and they pull it off without a hitch.

I was sent this beautiful Large Backpack, Tara mentioning in her letter to me that with 6 kids I need my hands free. She is so practical and thoughtful! Love how large this bag is. It will certainly hold the things I need for a trip to the park, or even the store with 6 kids. It is heavy duty and will carry a lot of weight. It should.. it used to carry coffee beans in it.
I loved the faux leather look on the exterior of this bag. The inside totally rocked with the earth tones!

In the Caribbean Collection you will find bags made from recycled rice and flour sacks. The recycled sacks are imported and then the bag is made in the USA. The bags in this collection remind you of sailing the Caribbean and being on a tropical island, something we could be reminded of in the winters here in Kentucky!

The Rocky Mountain Collection  uses feed, rice and even pinto bean sacks. These are the sacks that will remind you of the mountains with ram's heads, and

WeBe Bags has an outstanding sale going on now for the holidays! Purchase pre-made bags, some are over 50% off. Check out the inventory HERE This sale is amazing and you won't want to miss it!
Get these and other great bags while quantities last (and if I don't get to them first!)

WeBe Bags if offering my readers the chance to win a Coffee Carry-All beginning Dec 16th. Be sure to stop back in to enter to win this beautiful bag!

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  1. It's amazing the artists they've worked with and the quality of the products. What a cute background story.

  2. What a fantastic, unique product. I like that the bags are made in the US. Thanks for the review and giveaway!
    (Lauren Rochon in giveaway widget)

  3. I really like these bags, so durable and also like the fact that after their life as coffee bags, they are recycled into beautiful bags-