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Shadows In My Room & What's That Noise: Bedtime Stories by Linda Weaver Clarke *Review

Linda Weaver Clarke has written a few great series of contemporary Christian fiction novels. I have loved reading her family dynamics within the books, and the twists in her adventures. She is definitely one of my favorite authors! I was so thrilled that she came out with a Children's book, her first titled
Shadows in My Room and What's That Noise

 Kayla seems distressed when she goes to bed, and her Mother asks her about it. She wants to be brave like her brother Adam, but the shadows in her room are scaring her. She sees a shadow by the window, that Mom tells her is the branch on the tree outside blowing in the wind. She sees the shadow of a creature with ears, that ends up being her toy cat.The coat on the coat hook shadow is even scaring her. Kayla is letting her imagination get the best of her.
Rather than monsters in her closet, Kayla's Mother tells her there are guardian angels watching over her. She also mentions fairies.
This would be a good book for little girls struggling with being afraid of the dark. I really like the idea of Guardian Angels watching over us, as in the spiritual realm I do believe there are angels keeping tabs. I would have been fine without the fairies though, I didn't think that element was needed and it does make it seem like boys won't enjoy the story as much with the fairies.

The second story in the book is What's That Noise, about a little girl Amber who rather than being scared of the shadows, is afraid of the noises. Each noise such as the wind and thunder brings a story from Mom about what is happening in the heaven-lies. The Moon and Stars are playing hide and seek with the wind and he is calling out to them to find them. The Thunder is just the planets playing baseball.
We all have made up stories for the weather, or the sounds we hear outside. Thunder we used to say was God bowling with the angels. The rain was a spilled cup of water, etc. It was a cute story to help Amber get her mind off of the noises around her, and to get into her imagination of what it could be. I appreciated this story and thought it was more geared for boys and girls.

Both stories are short and easy to finish in one night. The graphics are cartoon like and will capture their attention. Pick up your copy by clicking on the Amazon link below.


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  1. This sounds like a cute book that would help anxious kids at bedtime
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