Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Room 88 Natural Bath Soap *Review #giftguide

Maker of over 80 bath products, Room 88 uses 100% natural vegetable based ingredients in their cold process method including olive oil, coconut oil, sustainable palm oil. After trace shea butter, grapefruit seed extract and essential oil or fragrance. Cruelty free, these soaps are made to moisturize and conditioner your skin.

I loved the visible layers in these bar soaps. Luscious Lavender was just that.. a simple fragrance that was not overpowering. Wonderful lather, and moisturizing bar. The pumpkin spice was a seasonal bar that was beautiful this fall season. Both of these bars were dense and long lasting which I find important in a soap bar. You don't want to use it for a few times and have it be so airy that it disappears. It is a

$6 for a 5 oz bar, which is a pretty typical price. It was a nice solid fragrance, great lathering soap, and indeed moisturizing. I really did enjoy this bar soap.
In addition to bar soaps, Room 88 has a plethora of other products including
body lotions, scrubs and salts. They also have lotions in a variety of scents.

For the man in the house they make Beer Soap! This is the first company I have seen making this type of soap.
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