Sunday, December 8, 2013

Rilakkuma the Bear Costume *Review

 Rilakkuma, Korilakkuma and Kiiroitori all live with Kaoru. The bears always cause mischief in Tokyo, where Kaoru lives. This gang is always looking for an adventure and wants to be your friends in North America.If you can read Korean you can see what Rilakkuma is up to in the little book. Thankfully we have a translation as well. 

 He has a zipper on his back with blue and white polka dots on the inside. Noone knows what is inside? (from the book) Great place to store little trinkets! The Rilakkuma bear is in a bear costume!

 Rilakkuma holding a sticker of himself. Isn't he cute?

This bear costume, known as Rilakkuma came out of nowhere and visited Kaoru’s house one day.  Even now without plans, this costume hangs out at her place and disturbs her by not doing anything every day, but gives her some life advise occasionally.  Rilakkuma’s favorite is special sweets from local rice dumpling stores and weakness is summer season.

 What a unique Bear for the holidays! He would make a wonderful stocking stuffer. Just the perfect size for a toddler to play with and 'hide' things in the zippered back. 

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