Friday, December 13, 2013

Lexigrams Illustrated Vocabulary Cards *Review #giftguide

What are Lexigrams?

Lexigrams are illustrated cards showcasing the best words the English language has to offer. Each Lexigram tells a visual story that will surprise, delight, and stimulate your imagination.The illustrations on these are amazing and Veronika Wu is very talented. The only warning is that some of them are geared more to adults and I did have to remove around 5 cards from the deck for my children. There are a few that depict nudes in their illustration.

You can see the words and illustrations HERE

I just love the illustrations, very detailed and unique. The color scheme of the black, white, red and teal is awesome as well!

I do have this listed under the Kids section of the gift guide, but it would be better for older kids like teens and college age who want to hone in on their vocabulary skills. Some of them would also be excellent for younger children. You are never too young to start building your vocabulary! This is a super fun way to visually see the word in your mind and recall it!

 The cards are excellent for your Word loving friends and family. The Lexigrams are a unique product that really stands out on it's own. I haven't reviewed anything like this and for a homeschooling family it is really awesome to have found such an interesting product

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