Tuesday, December 17, 2013

IMPELtronics’ LED Extendable Magnetic Flashlight Tool *Review #giftguide

Extendable Telescoping Magnetic Flashlight

 Tool boxes are usually a collection of our favorite and most useful tools.  When the job needs to get done correctly we’ve all had a need for LED Flashlights.  Featured here is an LED Flashlight that has the added benefit of being not only extendable, but magnetic at both ends.

In today’s market it’s not always easy selecting the “best” tool for our tool boxes.  This is true whether it is for professional mechanics and technicians, “weekend warrior” home owners and car enthusiasts or just your everyday hobbyist.  There comes a time when we all drop that much needed metal object into a place that’s hard to reach and hard to see.  One of the things that immediately come to mind, that is already on the market, is the telescoping magnet.  And without a doubt, there are plenty of LED Flashlights out there too.  But boy!  Wouldn’t it be nice if we had an LED Telescoping Magnetic Flashlight conveniently combined into one tool? 
Here’s the best part!  IMPELtronics offers such a product that should be in everyone’s car, house or shop.  The Company would like readers to please take a few minutes to watch and listen to the video through the link provided.  Make sure your sound is turned up!  You don’t want to miss this!  Let Goss’ Garage shed some light on the subject to add an opinion because we couldn’t agree more.  IMPELtronics believes their customers will enjoy this product as much as we like providing it.
IMPELtronics, a wholesale manufacturer of high quality high lumen LED Flashlights, offers everyone a “strategic advantage against the darkness”.  Whether you’re in search and rescue, hunting and fishing or in need of light and magnetism in any application, IMPELtronics invites everyone to “Light the Way”.

This LED flashlight is amazing! All of the boys in my house want one just like it. It is perfect for doing simple things like reading and looking for things in the dark. It is also extremely useful in doing car repairs. 

Super product that you will want to have on your shopping list this holiday season!

  • 3 LED Flashlight helps find your object
  • Telescopes 6” to over 21” long for reaching
  • Flexible LED Head for 360° directional rotation
  • Magnetic Head for retrieving your object
  • Magnetic Tail for retrieving even heavier objects
  • Includes (4) LR44 Batteries to get you started
  • Pocket or Belt Clip for quick action
  • Private Label with applicable MOQ

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  1. At our house we believe you can never have too many flashlights. We will pay a little more for long lasting, bright ones. I love how creative and useful this would be. My husband works on cars and he could really use a flashlight like this.