Sunday, December 8, 2013

Giant Microbes Mini Ornaments *Review

Your tree won't be complete without Giant Microbes hanging off it. Imagine a small table top tree
 with just mini microbes on it! That would be a scientists dream tree! Or just a geeky homeschool family! 

Mini Microbe Box Ornaments will kick start your Christmas decorating! Our family absolutely loves Giant Microbes and their array of all things microscopic. What better way to decorate this year than with these mini microbes. They are sure to draw some conversations around the holiday!


Christmas Stocking Box Ornaments:
Penicillin, Salmonella, Red Blood Cell, Dust Mite and limited edition Green Amoeba! Festively adorned with decorative puffs, embroidered holly, snowflakes, reindeer nose and antlers, and cute scarf and ear muffs!

Who wouldn't want Salmonella, Red Blood Cell and Dust Mite on their Christmas tree? Aren't they cute.

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