Thursday, December 5, 2013

Foolish Dandelion by Karen Ott *Review

This is a nice, short picture book with a powerful message. The story is told with only a couple sentences per page. The Dandelion awakens for the first time and realizes just how beautiful he is. The Rose agrees of course, but the Dandelion has a bit of an ego and wants to be THEE most beautiful flower in the garden. You have heard the saying 'the grass is always greener on the other side', well Dandelion thinks that literally as he figures he would be more beautiful if he were to grow on the hill over yonder.
Despite the Rose trying to tell him that it just 'looks' greener, Dandelion pulls up his roots and relocates to the green hill.. taking three whole days! Well that isn't good. Dandelion starts to wilt and going to seed. He looks back at the hill he came from just three days ago, and guess what? Now it looks much greener over there, too bad he hadn't listened to the Rose.

My Thoughts
As a Mom I see my kids make decisions that I try to warn them against. They don't always listen however and their choices lead to situations where they wished they would have listened. I think this short, but thought provoking book will be a great discussion starter, even for your youngest readers. This is an excellent style of book to ask your listeners questions at the end, get them to reflect on their own decisions. I think it will be a valuable lesson that you can read again and again. It is short enough to capture their attention, and exciting enough to keep it.

About the Author
This is Karen Ott's first picture book. She is the mother of 3 children and resides in Vancouver.


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