Friday, December 6, 2013

Etienne Perret Ceramique Ring *Review & Giveaway #giftguide

Beautiful jewelry line by Etienne Perret.. Ceramique

This Ceramique 8mm Flat black gem ceramic ring was very comfortable! I love the bold look that is shows, and decided to wear it on my middle finger as I chose the thicker band. This would make an awesome wedding band for those who prefer something more modern in style. I could really see the beauty of this type of band with the colored diamonds... but I am getting ahead of myself!

So who is Etienne Perret?

Etienne is an independent designer and goldsmith, who's been creating some of the country's finest colored diamond jewelry from his studio in Camden, Maine for the last 40 years. Etienne specializes in colored diamond jewelry in 18kt gold, platinum and hi-tech Ceramique gem ceramic. He is currently developing an exciting new line of ceramic jewelry that is on the cutting edge of luxury fashion.

It perfectly combines hi-tech, eco-friendly materials and great design, to create stylish, ultra-durable jewelry that's a perfect affordable alternative to traditional precious metal, for both men and women. With color options of black, white, chrome pink, blue, green and chocolate, Ceramique is fun and fully customizable. It can be inlaid with 18kt gold and set with pearls or diamonds in any (or all colors) of the rainbow! I watched a short clip on how they can create colored diamonds now and they really add to the finished product! Look at these beautiful rings. I would have a hard time choosing my favorite!

Etienne also offers Ceramique bracelet, earring and necklace designs. I love that you can have a complete look and style with Ceramique jewelry.
The specific kind of ceramic that Etienne is designing with is zirconia ceramic, mined in an ecologically friendly manner from the abundant zircon sands of Australia. I love that these ceramic rings can be used for both Men and Women and offer a less expensive way to purchase bridal and wedding bands. Not everyone is into diamonds, and depending on your career choice, often times it is more conducive to have a heavy duty, yet visible band.
All designs in Etienne's Ceramique collection are available in black, white, pink, blue, brown, green and some in gray, with a choice of polished, silk or matte finish (or a combination in some cases). No other colors are currently available. The black is surely a sleek color and I loved that it goes with everything! When used as a wedding band I would recommend the nice solid look of the black band.
Ceramique rings are available in widths from 2-20mm width chart. The thick bands are basically indestructible, but thinner bands are still extremely durable and practical--all are guaranteed. I have long fingers so chose the thicker band. The narrow ones would be awesome for stacking!
Ceramique rings can be personalized with laser engraving on the inside or outside surface (although this may increase delivery time significantly).

Ceramique is extremely durable. Even thin kitchen knives made of this material, which are much more fragile than sturdy rings, are basically shatterproof. If you drop a knife on its tip or use it to pry things open it can chip, but dropping one on the floor almost never causes it to shatter.

Etienne does offer a 100% lifetime guarantee on all his Ceramique designs--if it's broken, Etienne will send you a replacement, no matter who's at fault. You can't beat that with the type of hands on careers we have now a days! Imagine your hubby actually being able to wear his wedding band and not worry about it getting twisted or broken.

 Enter to win a Dome Style Ring $150
  • 4, 6 or 8mm.
  • black, white, pink, blue or chocolate
  • polished, silk, or brush finished

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