Friday, December 20, 2013

Earth Ball *Review #giftguide

Be prepared to hold the whole earth in your hands with Earth Ball! This World Globe measures 16" in diameter and has a space view of the earth printed on it. It is inflatable for ease in shipping and carrying to your school and other educational organizations.

The NASA imagery is highlighted on this globe, with key cities even glowing in the dark! This is a fun, interactive globe that you can think of numerous games to play to learn about the globe and geography. The globe comes with a 20 page handbook of activities and games to get you started.

 About Orbis
"Orbis is a cartographic design company located north of Seattle on beautiful Orcas Island in Washington State's Puget Sound.
Modern pioneers in the field of photorealistic Earth imaging, Orbis developed the first generation of world globes to display our planet as it appears from outer space, complete with its atmospheric cloudforms. Orbis also introduced the first world repicas to display Earth's city lights through the use of photoluminescence.

The Orbis/NASA Blue Marble imagery represents the most visually authentic global view of Planet Earth ever created, combining NASA's newest generation of satellite imaging with Orbis' cutting-edge globemaking technology. The resulting creation represents a new level of global cartography - highly photorealistic world globes, enabling millions of would-be space travellers to experience the astronauts' perspective of observing our home planet from outer space."

 The globe gave us opportunity to locate countries and even our own state on the globe. There are no words, no boundary lines, just simply the world from space.

Earth Ball also makes a 1 meter globe that is perfect for the classroom!

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  1. How cool that certain cities glow in the dark. I really like this idea. A great way to get kids interested and understanding geography in a fun way. This looks well made and I would find it useful, too.