Friday, December 13, 2013

David Kirchhoff, CEO of Weigh Watchers, Struggled with his Weight

It isn’t unusual these days to find people who are engaged in the battle against weight. Some of these are ordinary people who have no claim to fame, but others are often in the limelight and should be the very ones we look up to when searching for the answer to our own struggles with staying fit and healthy. One of those people is David Kirchhoff who is the CEO of Weight Watchers. Yes, even the Chief Executive Officer of Weight Watchers, the world’s favorite weight loss program has his own struggles with weight. 

Irony Meets Reality

As ironic as that sounds, it is not uncommon for people who should be at the forefront of healthy lifestyles to also be some of the worst offenders. To David’s credit, he has not always had a problem with weight. However, just like others in the United States, he has struggled to keep his weight at a healthy level, with this over abundance of food choices and fast food restaurants.

Look Around You

The truth is that we can take a look at the many nurses and doctors in various practices, hospitals and other health care settings and see a phenomenon that most will agree belies the truth these professional would like others to internalize. It is simply not healthy being overweight. There is no easy way to get around it.

What Will Shake You Out Of The Stupor

The inspiration many will find when reading the information about David Kirchhoff may be what it takes to shake them out of the stupor they have been in for years. At least that is something to hope for.

In his book, the Weight Loss Boss, David explains how he was finally able to take charge of his out of control world of food. His book addresses the obesity epidemic that has plagued the United States for several decades and is only getting worse. Within the pages of this book, he speaks from a scientific research perspective about how human behavior affects eating habits. In his opinion, eating healthy is the best way to remain healthy throughout life. To watch him in an interview with Wendy Bounds speak about how he did it, go here.

David’s Own Experiences

David draws from his own experiences as he struggled to lose weight year after year to help explain how he finally received the inspiration to lose the 40 pounds that were holding him back. It is his understanding of the cycles people go through (as they lose weight and feel good about themselves only to gain it back and feel awful) that is what makes his book a good read for anyone involved in the same kind of struggle.

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Our Country Is Obsessed With Food Options

Kirchhoff points out that the food industry, in their quest to gain even more profits has created an overflow of eating options for people in this country. Many of these choices only appeal to taste buds and not so much to healthy eating. 

David acknowledges in his book that we all have the tendency to look upon our challenges and failures as being uniquely our own. The truth is that everyone has something they are struggling with, and it is only when we surround ourselves with others that we are able to break free of what is holding us back and go on to achieve success. His blog is a great place to learn more about the experiences David had.

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