Saturday, December 14, 2013

Back to Christmas by Dennis Canfield *Review

 Christmas is traditionally a time to be spent giving generously to others, reflecting on the past year, and spending time with your family.

But more and more families in recent years are growing apart during the holidays. With things like Xboxes, TVs, phones, and other kinds of isolating technology dominating the gift market, many families are spending holidays more apart than together. Not to mention the push that we've seen toward materialism. Trying to cash in on the holiday season, everyone from pet stores to car manufacturers plasters visions of Santa onto their commercials as soon as October hits.

Can't we get back to Christmas?

Enter family man, Dennis Canfield. Author of the new book Back to Christmas, Canfield is trying to get kids and families back into the mindset of the traditional holiday values. Boosting the original values of the season, Back to Christmas gives families ideas on how to stay tin the original Christmas spirit.

Is there any hope at all for the Krumwerth family? Marmel the elf doesn't think so, and he should know, because he has one hundred and seven Christmases of experience in these matters.

Amanda Krumwerth has just two days to prove Marmel wrong about her family, but she's determined to do it.

Find out what happens when an Elf who doesn't understand the meaning of Christmas meets a family that doesn't understand the meaning of family.

Christmas gets to be so busy with the party organizing, shopping, sending out cards, and all of the activity. Marmel the Elf thinks that Christmas is about weeding out the Naughty and Nice, to simply catagorize people into categories, totally missing the meaning of Christmas all together. After his visit with the Krumwerth family maybe he will realize that Christmas is about hope.

This was an easy read, one you could read with the whole family. If you utilize Santa and his elves in your celebration than I think you will enjoy this book. I would have liked to see more of the focus on Christ birthday.

Dennis Canfield is a graduate of the University of Illinois College of Commerce, and the Kellogg Graduate School of Management at Northwestern University. He became interested in writing when his daughters became involved with theater. He has been married for twenty-four years, and has two daughters. He currently resides in Western Springs, IL.

Twitter: @backtochristmas

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