Friday, December 20, 2013

Annual Tea & Coffee Review Blogger Sign UP!

Welcome to the 3rd Annual Coffee & Tea Review Week!

I have loved working with Tea and Coffee companies the beginning of the winter season and hope you will join me and sharing them with our readers. The reviews can include anything coffee, tea, and other hot drinks and their related products. 

Last year's giveaway highlight can be seen HERE

Dates: January 22 thru Feb 5th 2014
Prize Requirements: Minimum prize amount of $20.00. You can have multiple prize packages as long as each is over $20. Prize must be coffee/tea related. This can be actual coffee/tea, makers, mugs, calendars with these on it, decor, notecards... you get the drift. Doesn't have to be edible to be included!
Hashtag: #Coffee&Tea

There are no promotion requirements for joining, but I would REALLY appreciate your help in getting the word out. The more on the giveaway, the more readers we get blog exposure with!
Post on FB, Twitter and if you are really excited, copy and paste this blog post and put it on your blog with links to sign up!

Please put the image above on your blog post to help promote. You will have to save it to your site and link back here for sign ups! Not mandatory!

There is no Facebook Group you need to join, I am just going to be sending out an Email with suggested introduction, the linky and any other information I come up with between now and then.

To Sign Up: 
Add your blog to the Linky 
Grab the image above and put it on your blog (if you would like to, not mandatory)
Help promote #Coffee&Tea
Secure a sponsor for your Giveaway

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  1. This is awesome ! I am so glad you had this one the wall for sharing as I love coffee tea and would love to do this one...
    Linda Finn

  2. I have linky'd and shared with my friends , I have alot of book reviewer author friends who love to do coffee tea things, so I am hoping they pop over and linky with you.
    Linda Finn

  3. Melanie, that hash tag won't work with the punctuation sign in the middle, twitter will think it is just #Coffee

  4. I have just in the past month starting drinking coffee. Now it is my go to mid-afternoon treat.