Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Wisdom For Everyday Living *Review

365 daily devotions from America's
Most Influential Christian Leaders
Steve M. Woods

This collection of devotions includes 100 diverse and respected leaders from Christian churches, colleges and organizations. They share scripture and relections in a brief, easy to read format to give your day a fresh start. 
They include a wide range of topics such as;
  • enduring hard times, sorrow, depression
  • forgiving others and yourself
  • having a thankful attitude
  • being courageous
  • waiting on God
  • importance of God's word
  • giving up the need for control
  • God given purpose
Each devotion begins with a scripture verse. These are great to take and look up in other version of the Word if you want a deeper study. Also a great place to work on scripture memorization. 
The author then shares from their experience a short story, or experience that goes along with the scripture. 
This would be a beautiful gift for anyone this holiday season! I enjoy having devotions like these sitting around my home to reach for when I have  few extra minutes. It isn't an indepth study, but a food for thought to bring your mind back centered on Christ. 
This is a great collection of authors and a very nicely done devotional. 

You can purchase your copy at your local Christian bookstore or from HCI    

I received a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.

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  1. I try to find a quiet moment for myself every day, and this would be a very uplifting and thoughtful way to spend it.

  2. Being chronically ill for over 13 years, I see a few areas I'd really get some peace from...being courageous and giving up control...plus forgiveness and the downhearted feelings of losing self. A great book for anyone going through hardship, heartache, or health issues. thanks for the review.