Sunday, November 24, 2013

WisconScents Scented Candles *Review #giftguide

I love to burn candles, especially in the fall and winter. I also live with a bunch of boys/men, which makes my candle scent choices a little more focused. I prefer not to overwhelm them with florals or even vanilla or girlie scents. I was so thrilled to find WisconSents Scented Candles where most of their scents are masculine!! Not only are they masculine they are geared toward Wisconsin and the beauty of the state.

WisconScents candles are made in small batches by hand with natural, long lasting soy wax. The unique scents will really catch your smell buds!

We reviewed Campfire and Cottage. Cottage smelled amazing. It was not overbearing, and it was really a great scent. Reminded me of cabin life, of wood burning stoves, and of cozy time reading on the couch.
Campfire smelled just like an actual campfire! We were all amazed, including the boys. We felt like we were sitting around the campfire chatting when that candle was lit. It was really amazing.
Some of the other scents they carry are;
Buttered Sweet Corn
Deer Camp
Hay Field
Rolling Oaks

These candles are ones that I would definitely feel comfortable gifting to my Dad, Grandfather, and other male family members. The scents are perfect for men and their families.
WisconScents supports local farmers with their purchase of local soy wax. A renewable energy, the soy wax candles outlast, and perform to a much higher standard than other waxed candles.

Be sure to like WisconScents on Facebook and let's get the word out about these awesome candles!!

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