Sunday, November 24, 2013

Ties that Bind by Kristin Armstrong *Review

"A cord of three strands is not quickly broken."
--Ecclesiastes 4:12

A mother and daughter relationship is one of the most important and defining relationships in life. Just like when we braid our daughter's hair, as we raise our girls we weave three strands together: our faith and their faith, together with God's love. If we can do this well, the cord is not easily broken.

In this weekly devotional there are common themes supported by scripture, with one reading specifically for mothers, the other for daughters. Each week is intended to generate connection and conversation, with questions included to spark discussion.

This was a little bit different than I had hoped for. I had wished for a devotional that we would do together, not one where we read our own and then discuss it. My daughter is still too young to really read hers on her own, and I think the topics are a bit beyond her. I would say this is relevant more with a tween or teen daughter. 

Some of the topics include:
Body Image
Healthy Friendships

There is only one reading per week, so definitely doable for a Mother Daughter to connect once a week. I really like the concept, but it just didn't work for us with such a young girl. 

I did read some of the Mother posts and they were great. I will hold on to this book for a few more years to see if it will be more applicable then. 


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