Sunday, November 3, 2013

Thinkfun Lazer *Review #GiftGuide

We have long been a fan of the Rush Hour game, and were excited to see Laser Maze from Thinkfun! This game uses a real laser as you strategically figure out the 60 combinations in the set. Great educational game, fun for ages 8-15. The challenges are from beginner to expert so a wide range of kids can play it. It is a game made for 1. This is a great compact game to take with you on a trip.

You get a challenge card and have to line up the pieces to reflect the laser to tag specific pieces.
The challenge card gives you indication where a couple of the pieces are, but you have to figure out the orientation and placement of the other ones.

My 11 year old had great fun playing this game. The challenges increase in logic as you proceed. Some of the cards were hard for me to do!

Think Fun games have always been a favorite of of the kids and mine! I love games that build up knowledge and skills.

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