Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Spin Master Toys for the Holidays! #giftguide

Atmosphere is the latest creation in the line up of great RC and flying toys from Air Hogs.This powerful levitating sphere requires no remote control and hovers above any surface! Its spherical shape allows the Atmosphere to smoothly bounce off walls and ceilings for non-stop flight. 
It lights up and is controlled by your hands! Such a unique flying toy that you can show your levitation techniques with. It easily bounces off the walls and ceilings and is a great inside toy. 
Geared for ages 8-10, but I guarantee the older boys in the family will love it too! Probably should pick up a couple of these for Christmas!


My kids have been into Spy Gear for years. I honestly think it never goes out of style. You can't go wrong with Spy Gear for your young boys and girls this holiday season. The latest two products include the Spike Mic Launcher where you can launch a microphone into the area you want to spy on. How ingenius! I think I will try it out on the kids when they are talking at night in their rooms.. No reason the Mama can't use the Spy Gear too right?
 Sonic Distractors are another specialty item for distracting those enemies while you get away. The Sonic Distractors can be set to make 8 different sounds. You set the sound and roll it into the middle of the crowd. 

Before you get this game, take some time to judge how your kids react to the sound of popping balloons! Little kids will probably not like this game. Adventurous kids will love it! The goal is to be careful, and NOT pop the balloon. The kit comes with balloons, though it is recommended to use an air pump to blow them up (not included). The roll of the dice determines how many clicks you poke the stick in the balloon. The sticks are not sharp, the pressure of the sticks poking in on ever side is what makes the balloon pop. 


My kids have played the Hedbanz Act up game with their friends for hours of laughs and entertainment! This game follows closely behind the original Hedbanz game, but this time you are acting out the subjects. The roll of the dice determines who acts out your card, and they have a time limit to get it done. This game allows for 6 players, which is perfect for my family of 6. It does help if they can read, but my 5 year old did play when I told him in secret the name written on the card.
Super fun family game!


Everyone in Kawaii Crush world love to hang out at the Hyper Happy Mall! Holly Molly is included in this set and you can get some of the other Kawaii Girls like Owlena, Sunny Bunny, Katie Cat or Amanda Panda to come and hang out at the mall.
The set comes with these little pets that are so cute!

 The elevator really works to take the girls up to the top floor of the mall and back down again.

This playset is perfect this holiday season for your little girls. The website even offers some wonderful on line games to go along with the characters.

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