Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Rory's Story Cubes by Gamewright *Review & Giveaway #giftguide

Rory's Story Cubes Voyages game from Gamewright is a fantastic imagination builder! My 5 year old played this for hours, telling me each story along the way. It really got his imagination rolling!

The game is geared for ages 8 and up, but my 5 year old certainly enjoyed his time with it. Now granted my teens were able to weave a much more adventurous story with the cubes!

The game includes 9 story cubes that you roll and then place in order to create a story. The box is small and compact making this a great game to take with you to play on any flat surface. The game only takes about 15 minutes per story.. depending on how elaborate of a tale they weave.

Gamewright is an award winning company with games for all ages. They break down the games into age groups, making it super easy for shopping this holiday season.

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