Friday, November 8, 2013

Roofing Companies Can Make Roof Repairs after a Storm

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Storms are beautiful to watch but sometimes leave destruction in their wake. You may notice that you are missing some pieces of your roof when you go out to check it for any damage. During the storm, water may begin dripping from your ceiling. There could even be a broken tree limb that belongs to the tree that fell onto your roof during the storm. This is the time to hurry and make a call to a Dayton roofing company. Because of the storm, there will be many homeowners and business owners that are calling to have their roofs repaired.

Missing Roofing Materials

Many roofing materials are put on your roof in pieces, and if the strong winds hit them just right, they can be lifted up and blown off. The roofing company will suggest that you put plastic up on the roof until they can get there and make the necessary repairs. When they eventually get there, they will try to match the roofing materials the best they can and get your roof protected from the elements again. Chances are that the roofing materials they have to use might not be the same shade as your roof. Once the stormy season is over, you might want to consider having your whole roof replaced so that everything matches.

Water Leaking and Trees

Water dripping from the ceiling is a symptom of a far bigger problem and can initially be stopped by covering the roof with plastic as well. They may suggest that you use a sharp object to poke a hole where the water is dripping and capture any water that is puddling on the other side of the ceiling to relieve the pressure on that part of the ceiling. A tree falling on your house is hard to miss, and if you are in the house when it falls, you could be injured. It might be hard to cover the hole the tree made with plastic, but if you can safely do so, it would keep more moisture from getting in. A Dayton roofing company will work with a construction crew to get the tree pulled up and out of the house and remove it from the property, while at the same time trying not to cause any more damage.

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