Monday, November 4, 2013

Makedo New Box Props *Review #giftguide

Makedo is a very eco friendly, resourceful company to help kids get their imagination in gear!

The Makedo kit comes with Scru's and Props and all you need to do is gather your box and imagination. We always have boxes around here, cereal, other foods, and boxes from review items coming in. We are typically on box overload and this product really helps the kids to jump into a world of imagination.


  • Easily screws into cardboard, just twist
  • Designed for small hands
  • Made from strong polypropylene
  • Handle doubles as grip to hold Props in place
  • Re-usable and recyclable


  • Ready to use - cutout and illustrated
  • Made from strong flexible polypropylene
  • Tabs and holes to quickly connect to box with Scru
  • Add colour with wax crayons then wash it off 
  • Re-usable and recyclable

 The kits are only $10 and are a great idea for this holiday #giftguide.
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