Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Lost and Found Animated DVD *Review & Giveaway

 Lost and Found is based on the book of the same title by Oliver Jeffers. 
The Small Boy is starting off his day like he normally does when he find a penguin at his door step. Assuming the penguin is lost, Small Boy is determined to return him to his home.
He takes him to Lost and Found, no one has reported it there. He is temped to leave him at the Pet Shop, but changes his mind. He heads to the library to read up on where penguins even come from.
The boy after reading devises an ambitious plan to get his visitor back home to the south pole. He builds a boat and launches it out to sea. They get stuck in a huge storm (which did frighten my little ones some), that throws them each over board at various times. They are rescued and things turn out find. Small Boy gets the penguin to the South Pole and leaves him there with the other penguins.
He is very sad to leave him, and decides to come back to get the penguin, but he has already left!
Will they reconnect?

This half hour featurette is a precious film on friendship. The DVD includes a behind the scenes look at creating the film and taking it from 2D to 3D. I loved the film, and am planning on purchasing the book as well!

It is completely narrated, the Small Boy and penguin do not talk. This makes for a unique, simple type of cartoon and much of the focus is on the beauty of the graphics and simple message.
Pick up your copy at Walmart today for your holiday shopping!

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  1. I would like to see some of the Amelia Bedelia books in in film form.
    Thank you!

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  4. Our Son's favorite book when he was little was 'Rainbow Fish'. I do not know if it has ever been made into film form, but it would be a great movie to watch. I love the storyline. Thank you for the super giveaway opportunity. Keep up the terrific blogging.

  5. Duck and GOOSE series! My kids love that one!

  6. hmmm. goodnight moon? jenna burris

  7. I would love to see The Sparkle Box as a movie.

  8. Richard Scarry's Busy Town.. But reading above comments, I also agree with "I'd like to see I Love You Stinky Face in film form."