Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Journible #WritetheWord *Review

Reformation Heritage Books is a publisher or Reformed and Puritan literature. You can find relevant authors such as John Calvin, Joel Beeke, C.H. Spurgeon and John Bunyan.
They are also the publisher of Journibles, a unique tool to encourage you to Write the Word of God.

Journibles allow you to write the Word in your own handwriting. Basically copying the word as the Monks did in the old days. Why?? It is already written in any version of the Bible you could find. Well I find that reading the Word, Listening to the Word and then Writing the Word give you three senses that are getting the Word in your heart! The more senses involved, the more you are able to retain it. I know for myself that when I write things down I am more apt to remember them. Ever make a grocery list and forget it at home? I can typically remember the order of the list, simply because I wrote it down. Now if the list had been verbal, forget it!

I received Journible in ACTS. You can purchase Journibles in
Psalms (in 2 volumes)
1 & 2nd Corinthians
1 Timothy thru Hebrews
Galatians through Thessalonians
James through Jude

Each hard cover book when complete will house the Word of God from that book of the Bible, in your own script. That is not all though, it also includes thought provoking questions from other areas of scripture to answer. The right half of the book is for writing the Word, the left side includes these questions and areas for your notes of study.
What a heritage to pass on to our children and grandchildren!
I am thinking this would be an excellent assignment for my teens as well. If using more senses help me, it will help them as well. And what a joy to look back when they are grown men, Dad's and see a journible in their handwriting as a teen.

Not sure that Journibles is your 'thing'. You can start small with Psalm 119 in paperback for only $3

The hardback Journibles are exceptionally reasonable in price. I will be buying some for Christmas for myself and any of my kids who are willing!

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