Friday, November 15, 2013

Itsy Bitsy Christmas *Review & Giveaway

You're Never too Late for His Love
Max Lucado

“The King has come! Even for a little one like me.”
Do you ever feel like you are too small or too ordinary? That is just how Itsy and Bitsy feel. When these two charming little mice hear that a King is coming to Bethlehem, they set off with great enthusiasm to find Him. Along the way, they are met with discouraging words telling them they are too little and unimportant for any king. Just when Itsy and Bitsy begin to believe that they really aren’t big enough for the new King, they learn that Christ the King has indeed come for everyone.
Crafted by master storyteller Max Lucado, Itsy Bitsy Christmas helps children understand God’s great love and know that He sent His Son for all of us—little or big, young or old.

 I love Christmas picture books that share the true meaning of the holiday with my littles. This book is geared for ages 2-7, but my older ones still always enjoy a good story.
Itsy and Bitsy are a brother sister duo on the streets of Jerusalem during the time of the great census. They see people and animals flocking to their city. One donkey lets them know that the King is coming.

The story includes wonderful farm animals like Ruthie the Mama Horse, Charlie the Cow and Grumpy the goat. (Ok.. side note from a goat lover here, why is it always the goat that is grumpy? Is it just because it starts with a G?)

Itsy and Bitsy leave the barn in search of the King. They look in all of the important places where a King might visit, the City Gate, the City Market, the Hotel.. looking for signs of the King.
The mice are sad that the naysayers are right.. the King wouldn't come to a small town like Jerusalem. Ahh, but he did come and his name is Jesus!

Beautiful illustrations by Bruno Merz show the emotions of these animals so seeking a King. This will be a classic to read each year for your family.

Click HERE for coloring sheets to go along with the story. 

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  1. Give them some responsibilities that they can handle and discuss things that they are the perfect size for. Sometimes it helps to show them photos of when you were small, too.
    Sherry Compton

  2. My hubby and I make sure to include my youngest in everything - for example, when we purchased our DSI consoles for our older kids she also received one because she want to be like her older siblings

  3. I make sure my 2 year old does everything his older siblings do. Even if we have to do things for him in a different way he is included.

  4. I have three children and I always try to spend one on one time with each child.

  5. I spend lots of quality time with him doing things he likes.

  6. My son helps around the house and loves doing helper jobs.

  7. I always let them help and encourage them.