Friday, November 1, 2013

Friday Family Friendly Film Teen Films


 Teen Family Film Festival this Friday night! These movies are considered Family Friendly in their theme is positive and uplifting. Some of the conflicts and situations in the films mark them as more suitable to teens. These may not be the ones you will want to watch with real little ones. There isn't enough animation and goofy animals for them in these films! But.. for Teens and Mom and Dad, they are a great choice for this Friday night!

Wrapped up in worldly influences, Thomas is a rebellious young man whose life has sunken deep into self-destructive behavior. When his lifestyle begins to damage his relationships with his mom and girlfriend, he loses control, but not before meeting an unlikely mentor who shows Thomas a new path to making the right choices.

Featuring the single "I Need You" by the Christian band Oh Horizon, Slow Fade is an inspiring drama about growing up, finding faith, and facing decisions that affect our actions, thoughts, and identities.

Dove Worldview:

"Slow Fade" is a remarkable story about the possibility of change! It is not only the title of this movie but the term refers to sin that draws people in like a slow fade and will destroy them. In this film Thomas (James Pendleton) is a rebel and displays self-destructive behavior, even pushing aside the girl he has dated as he sinks deeper and deeper into darkness. When he mugs an older man named Charlie his conscience bothers him until he finally talks with his mother about it and turns himself in. He goes to Charlie's home to take his wallet back and to apologize and he learns that Charlie is a Christian who is willing to forgive him. Thomas doesn't know how to respond to this and Charlie begins to work on him and to witness about Christ.
This movie offers hope and inspiration. It warns about being cautious about various influences including video games and films. It is a faith-based message with the theme of God's love and forgiveness and we are pleased to award the film our Dove "Family-Approved" Seal for ages twelve plus. Give this one a watch soon!

Content Description: (love this feature on Bridgestone Multimedia Group!)

Sex: A young man kisses his girlfriend on the head; a groom kisses his bride; mild innuendo as a girl in anger tells a young man he only wants what he can get; a young man wants to make out with a girl and she refuses and leaves.
Language: H (as a place)-1
Violence: A young man hits an old man with a stick and mugs him; a young man is angry with his mother and shoves her; it's stated a young man beat up a kid at school; a character shoves another one.
Drugs: Teen is seen smoking; either older teens or young adults drink but one young man changes his ways; a young man has an overdose and winds up in a coma in the hospital but a character prays for him and witnesses to him.
Nudity: None
Other: A kid strikes out playing ball and throws the bat in anger; it's mentioned a boy's father left home when he was little.

God cares for us deeply and it takes an 'angel' of a mentor to minister to Thomas. You really never know who is going to be able to work in our children's lives. I was inspired to continually pray for my teens. In the world as it is today, there is so much pulling at them, and distracting them from the ways of the Lord. Each choice they make has a path, and we pray that our kids can see that in great films like this.

Dove approved for 12 and over.

More on Slow Fade The Movie HERE

 The lives of four high school students intersect in unimaginable ways in this intense psychological drama. Caught between good and evil, Lucas, Sam, Olivia, and Candice silently struggle down a dark road in their separate lives, but they soon discover the domino effect and devastating consequences a single choice can have on the lives of those around them.

A unique film directed by Zach Meiners and created almost exclusively by volunteer college students, Pivot Point explores the darkness of life and searches for the truth and hope that stem from one pivotal moment in time.

This film was a little 'low budget' for lack of better terms. It didn't work that well with my teens as they are homeschooled. I think with school kids they would really be able to connect with the variety of teens and their problems in this film. Very serious topics in this film including school shooting. I think this film would be a great conversation starter for kids in youth groups.

Pivot Point is the moment where you make a life changing decision that dramatically alters your future.

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  1. Thank you for this list. I am always looking for good movies for my teen.

  2. I would like to see the movie slowfade. I don't have any teen yet but sounds very intriguing. Thumbs up for the description for violence and nudity etc...

  3. I love that this movie is Dove approved and I like the content description so as parents we know what is in the movie beforehand.
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