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TJS Toys *Review #giftguide

TJS Collectibles is an online Toy retailer and authorized dealer for  Safari LTD, Schleich, Daron Worldwide Trading Airplanes/Toys, Gemini Jets, Skymarks, FDNY, NYPD and much more.
You may have seen Safari LTD products before and wondered where you could pick up a few for your collection. Now you have it at TJS Collectibles. 

Look at the great details on these Safari LTD toys! You can easily see their claws, horns, teeth! All of the great things that make dinosaurs super fun to play with, are cast in plastic with these great toys! No more playing with dull plastic dino's that you aren't even sure what species they are from. 
These are exceptional dinosaurs, with each name tagged around it's neck. 
You can find just about any dinosaur at the TJS Collectibles website.

Free Shipping of $30 or more. Now is the time to stock up on fantastic replica's for the holiday season. They also have insects, sea life, snakes, horses, farm life, fairies and more in the Safari LTD collection. 
TJS Collectibles is an excellent toy store with a huge variety of gifts. Support small business and toy stores by checking them out this holiday season!

Coupon Code  "Jubliee10" - 10% off order on our website

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Kameleonz Sunglasses *Review &Giveaway #giftguide

Kameleonz sunglasses give you the opportunity to change your look without having to have multiple pair of sunglasses! You get your frames and 3 sets of interchangeable arms for $9.99 right now!

The arms are super easy to change. The sunglasses aren't as thick as I have seen some. They are on the more delicate side, but for the price you can't go wrong!
These make an excellent gift this holiday season. Check out these Snow flake shades! You know you still need shades just as much if not more in the winter.

 You can choose your base color and either choose a combo of three colors for the sides or get the complete collection. I love that you can have your sunglasses match your outerwear as well as your favorite sweater. 

Enter to win a trip to Costa Rica, one entry per each item ordered! Check out the details HERE

Enter to win a pair of Kameleonz Shade right here on 
Jubilee Reviews
You are entering to win the ones shown in the top photos, 
with the white base. 
US only
Ends Dec 14th 

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The Slanket *Review #giftguide

The Slanket is the original blanket with sleeves! This gigantic fleece blanket has sleeves so that you can stay all warm and cozy, but still have the use of your hands. You can use the remote, eat your popcorn, and read a book, all without disturbing your nice sense of warmness!
The original Slanket is 60 by 95. The Slanket is even long enough for my 6 foot 4 inch son! Typical blankets are not this long in length!

The Bubble Pop as seen above sells for $29.99. This is a fun and colorful blanket reminding you of gumballs, balloons, and bubbles. They have thirteen different fabrics in the original slanket, something for everyone on your list!

Additionally they sell The Slanket for Kids, being a bit on the shorter side, this blanket will keep those little kiddo's warm on these cold winter nights! In eleven different fabrics, this kid version sells for $19.99 and is 44" by 66".

On the go?? Try out the Travel Slanket in 58" by 66" Just a little bit smaller than the original, but enough to make it easier to maneuver in the car or camper.

I do find that original Slanket to be best for my lounging on the couch and reading a book. I can enjoy my tea, read my book and still be all warm and cozy! I have been known to take my slanket to bed with me and just use it as a regular blanket as well.
You can not go wrong with gifting blankets this holiday season!

Giving Back:
The Mission of The Chill Foundation is to provide opportunities to at-risk and under served youth to build self-esteem and life skills through board sports.
Slanket will donate a percentage of all sales to Chill Denver and Chill NYC.

Check out The Slanket on these social media sites:

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Holiday #GiftGuide FOODS & DRINKS

 I find one of the best gifts to give during the holidays are consumable ones! Those people who seem to 'have it all', can still benefit from great and tasty treats. Here you will find a selection of quality coffee, snacks, confections, baked goods and more.

The Coffeecake Connection

Read my review HERE

California Delicious

Read my review HERE

Almost Nuts

 Read my review HERE

Downtown Cookie Co.

 Read my review HERE

Harney and Sons

 Read my review HERE

Whirley Pop

 Read my review HERE

Equal Exchange 


Read my review HERE

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Harney & Sons Fine Teas *Review #giftguide

The winter months find me snuggled in the recliner with a nice hot cup of tea. Harney and Sons tea have kicked off my holiday season with some beautifully crafted flavors and scents.
The wrapped sachets in the Tilleul Mint is a nice, light refreshing tea without cafeeine. The mint is not overpowering as some mint teas are. It is just enough of a mint to refresh without making you feel like you ate a candy cane. The tea is made from leaves of the French Linden tree or Tilleul. This is a very refreshing tea for any occasion!

The Black tea with Holiday Spices is a wonderful combination of Chinese black tea, citrus, almond, clove and cinnamon. The aroma makes it hard to wait for it to brew! This is a very flavorful tea without the need for sugar or cream. I honestly had to stop in the middle of this review and heat up some water to make tea.. that is how good it is! I couldn't even have it on my mind without making some. I would have to say that this holiday tea is one of my very favorite teas. I love the combination of flavors, they are so festive!

Harney & Sons have a passion for tea and blending unique varieties. It is evident in their quality, artisan teas. Their passion drives them for individuality, beauty and memorable moments. Their tea blends are artistic and original. I have very much enjoyed getting to sample just a small portion of what Harney & Sons has to offer.

Harney & Sons have a great selection of gift ideas for this holiday season. 

Check out Harney & Sons on these social media sites:
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Twitter @HarneyTea

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Almost Nuts *Review #giftguide

Almost Nuts! are a healthy, roasted soy bean snack. They are a mini little bean that is jam packed with flavor! 
Calcium Rich
Gluten Free
Heart Healthy

Almost Nuts! comes in 4 flavors

Oven Roasted, Dark Chocolate, Milk Chocolate, Yogurt Covered
The soybeans are crisp and crunchy, but not overly hard. I did prefer the chocolate ones, but then again, who wouldn't! I really loved that I could get a chocolate fix, but still be eating a healthy snack. Each of the four flavors really has a unique taste, but with the same soybean center.

The Almost Nuts in milk chocolate is fantastic! I just sat an munched on these little nuggets of yummy goodness! This is a light weight snack, easy to take on the go with you.

Almost Nuts would make an excellent gift this holiday season. Introduce your family and friends to a healthy, tasty snack!

Check out Almost Nuts on these social media sites
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Twitter @SoyAlmostNuts
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Italian Designer Jewelry and Other Gifts for Women *ad

There is always a reason to make the important women in your life feel special. Mothers, daughters, sisters, wives, and friends all deserve a reminder that you value your relationship with them. When you’re giving a gift, it is the thought that truly counts. Show your special women how much you value them by putting a bit of time and energy into your gift this holiday season. Spend some time with them and get an idea of what it is they are into at this point in time. Your mother may be into the latest table PC technology while your wife is into Italian designer jewelry. Take the time to discover what she truly wants. The look on her face should be all the reward necessary for you to put some effort forth into finding a great gift. 

Reduce Stress and Work on Relationships

Stress is highly associated with the coming holiday season. Attempting to find the perfect gift for all those special people can cause you to lose sleep and age quickly. The best way to decide what gift to give is to know your recipient. What types of things are they into? The music loving lady in your life will appreciate any type of gift related to the music she loves. Is your mother a great cook? Try finding her an interesting new cookbook or give a subscription to her favorite cooking magazine. Many women enjoy reading a good book and that is a fortunate thing for gift givers everywhere. A simple gift card can buy them any book that they want and they will appreciate your knowledge of their personality. 

Stick with What You Know

No matter what type of lady you are buying a gift for this holiday season just remember to stick with what you know. If you don’t know enough about your gift recipient, then you definitely should take this gift giving opportunity to get to know her better. That way you are giving yourself a gift as well. Italian designer jewelry is beautiful and a great gift. However, relationships are the true wealth of the holiday season.

Disclosure: This was a paid promotional post.
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Equal Exchange Fair Trade *Review #giftguide

One of the most traded commodities is COFFEE.. Where there is a large amount of trade, there is unfortunately a great amount of slavery and unfair trade practices. I love Equal Exchange's stance on Fair Trade for 25 years. I highly recommend their top quality products!! This has quickly become one of my very favorite companies! Fairly traded with small farmers, Equal Exchange offers coffee, tea, chocolate, bananas and almonds.

 Proud Mama coffee is organically grown by small farmers. Each can has a Proud Mama introduced to us, and shares her story of growing coffee in Uganda, and being involved in the Fair Trade selling. You can read the story of this Mama of seven HERE. This coffee comes already ground, for immediate use. It is a medium roast and very flavorful! I love that as a Mom I can support another Mom in her desire to provide for her family.
Equal Exchange has many other varieties of coffee and you can search by origin, blends,or specific projects. They offer a great selection and every coffee I have tried from Equal Exchange Co-op has been outstanding!

These chocolate minis with a hint of hazelnut are the best chocolate ever! I enjoy chocolate very very much, and have tried a varied amount of different brands. I am not kidding that the chocolate from Equal Exchange is far above any I have ever had!

Equal Exchange minis are made with cacao (cocoa beans) from farmer co-operatives in the Dominican Republic and Peru. The sugar and vanilla are also fairly traded and organic. The sugar comes from co-operatives in Paraguay and the vanilla from a co-operative in Madagascar.

Check out these links to learn more about Equal Exchange

Small farmers Big Change Blog
Equal Exchange Coop
Twitter @EqExCoop
Equal Exchange on Facebook

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